One of our clients speaks about Weston Training Center, Her Favorite Weston Personal Trainer

weston training center video testimonial weston personal trainerIn an effort to help people understand what it’s like to work with Weston personal trainer, Robert Zawlocki, owner operator of Weston Training Center, we have posted our first video testimonial on YouTube. According to Andrea, the client featured in this video, “Weston Training Center has been amazing for me.  Better than anything I’ve ever tried before, so I recommend it highly.” Andrea also stated that “I can already feel a difference in my strength and my energy. I felt very weak and just unable to even get out of bed sometimes and its (Weston Training Center) has given lots of energy!” Hear more of what she had to say about her experience by watching the complete video below.  We will be posting more of these videos in the near future.

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