Lose Weight Before the Holidays With Weston Training Center’s “Thanksgiving Meltdown”!

We have a very special (and exciting!) announcement…

One of my friends, Justin Yule owns a personal training studio in Chanhassen, MN. I’ve been following him pretty closely for the past year and a half as he and his wife Janell have been piloting a new weight loss program they developed.

While the average weight loss per participant is 7 pounds (In as little as 7 days) with several people losing twice that in only a few weeks, the results go far beyond losing inches and dropping jean sizes…
meltdown 2

  • Better Sleep
  • Eliminated Hot Flashes
  • Got Off Medication
  • Decreased/Eliminated Chronic Pain
  • Better Digestion
  • Flatter Belly
  • Reduced Acne
  • Enhanced My Relationship With My Spouse
  • Never Hungry
  • More Energy
  • Pants Fell Off
  • People Notice More Happiness

Now those are results to get excited about, right?

Well, we’re certainly excited because I asked Justin & Janell if they’d partner with us to run their 21-Day Detox Challenge for WESTON TRAINING CENTER, and they said, “YES!”

On top of that I am adding another 7 days of structured diet to get you ready for the Holidays!

If you’d like to get results like those and feel better than ever, please join us in the THANKSGIVING MELTDOWN CHALLENGE. (More Information on how to join, coming soon)

We’re really looking forward to partnering with Justin & Janell to bring the same great results they’re getting at Chanhassen Fitness Revolution with our clients and friends here at WESTON TRAINING CENTER.

– Robert Zawlocki
Your Personal Motivator

P.S. – The 28-Day Thanksgiving Meltdown is NOT a weird diet plan nor does it require any special supplements or shakes.We will teach people how to use food as fuel and how eliminating certain foods for stretches of time can relieve your body of many harmful toxins.

P.P.S. – Space will be limited!  Stay tuned for more details…

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