Weston Personal Training Has a New Home

personal training in South FloridaIf you’ve thought about personal training in the past but haven’t tried it, now’s the time!

Personal training is so much different than just a “trip to the gym.  No more wandering around the gym trying to look busy, waiting for “your turn”, performing routines in poor form, without a plan or purpose.  

Now is the time for results!

When you begin your personal training journey with us we start by asking questions and getting to know you.  We ask what you want for yourself.  We ask what you like and don’t like about you and your body.  We ask and we ask and we ask… and we listen.

We will also do a nutritional analysis with you and check your body fat composition.  Once all that is done we will be able to devise a road map to get you to your goal.  

Every individual is different and each of our clients has his or her own plan of action that we’ve composed for them.  That’s why its called “personal training”.  

You don’t need a personal trainer to help you count reps.  Your personal trainer will guide you and motivate you through each work out in order to get the most out of each training session.

When you arrive at our facility, you’ll warm up and then your trainer will guide you through a series of exercises… all geared to helping you reach your goals.  You’ll be given a short amount of time to rest between each set (rest between sets is very important and its part of the program).  In short, you don’t have to think about “what’s next”.  Your trainer takes care of that for you.  You’ll get more accomplished in one sixty minute session with us than you probably would in three hours at the gym on your own.  Personal training helps you get maximum results with a minimum amount of wasted time. 

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