Massage Therapy is Key to Recovery

massasge therapy from Weston Training CenterMany people don’t realize the importance of massage therapy in the healing process.

If you participate in sports, it’s very likely that at some point you will sustain a sports injury of one sort or another.  More often than not, its just from a bit of abnormal wear and tear on your muscles or an awkward twist or turn of a joint. This is when massage therapy can become your new “best friend”.  Of course, if you have sustained a tear in one of your tendons or ligaments, the recovery process can include much more than just massage therapy.  You may need surgery or full physical therapy.

Regardless of what sports and athletic injury you’ve sustained, Weston Training Center is here to help!  In addition to providing personal training services, we also provide massage therapy treatments.  

Being injured is no fun and can also be a little scary.  Massage therapy can be one of the most important ways to help you not only heal quicker, but also to heal better… with the same range of motion you had before the injury.  

To be clear, the massage therapy that we provide at Weston Training Center is not like the massages you’ve received at the spa. There’s no scented candles, waterfalls or soft music.  What you will find is a professional, licensed massage therapist who knows more about muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons than most doctors know.  Moreover, we know how to massage your body to help you heal.

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