For the first time ever, Weston Training Center will offer girls soccer training boot camps!

Quick, what sport is number 2 in injuries behind boys football?  Give up?  It’s girls soccer!  Of all the sports, boys and girls, girls soccer ranks second in the total number of concussions per capita and the total number of injuries per capita than any other youth sport.

Why?  Because generally speaking, girls don’t have the muscle mass that boys have.  The lack of muscle mass puts more stress on their tendons and ligaments.  More stress = more sprains, strains and tears.  With regard to concussions, look at the necks, shoulders and upper backs of girls vs boys.  The girls become “bobble heads” and with less muscle support, they are more likely to suffer from the “whip effect” that leads to concussions.

So what to do?

Solve the problem!  That’s why Weston Training Center is offering girls soccer training boot camps this summer. The boot camps are designed to help teen girls strengthen and develop the key muscles and muscle groups that are specific to soccer movements. Each one hour session will feature 8 different activities that the girls will rotate through 2 – 3 times.  Class sizes are limited to no more than 8 girls so that every station is constantly being used.

girls soccer trainingOur goal is to provide girls soccer training in a different way than most of these girls have ever been trained before.  In the past they’ve all done conditioning work, foot skills and strategic drills, but this is the “off season” type of work that will get them ready for the rigors of a 9 or 10 month season.

Three of the four boot camps have already filled even before the actual times were announced.  There is room for one more group of eight girls to fill up the fourth and final boot camp.  More than likely these will take place on Mondays and Wednesdays.

The boot camps will be offered in two six week sessions (Summer A and Summer B).  Summer A will begin the week of June 9 and run through the week ending July 19.  Summer B will begin July 20 and run through August 31.  Each session will have 12 work outs (2 per week).  The cost for the boot camp is $299 but $50 discounts are available by signing up as a group, buying both Summer A and B or by signing up before May 31.  See this page about girls soccer training for complete details.

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