Weston Training Center is…

weston training center…a “boutique” personal training studio that provides science-based performance training to anyone looking to maximize their athletic/fitness potential, regardless of their physical ability. We provide semi-private personal training (no more than three people at a time), which allows for all of our clients to have access to a qualified trainer during every workout. Our programs are designed to safely build strength, balance and help clients lose fat through the use of the most innovative methods in the fitness science industry.

Weston Training Center emphasizes proper nutrition, healthy lifestyle coaching and provides a positive and supportive atmosphere that brings out the best in our clients which encourages them to exceed any “self imposed” barriers they may have placed on themselves. Whether someone is looking to lose weight, enhance their performance in the sport of their choice, or just hoping to improve overall wellness, our trainers at Weston Training Center will design a program that will deliver immediate results.

Core Values

Core-ValuesWeston Training Center has based its philosophy over 5 strong “core values” that will be showed to and shared by every employee of the company.

Those values are the following:

  1. Under Promise, Over Deliver
  2. Always Do What You Think You Cannot Do
  3. Achieve Your Best
  4. Be Results Oriented
  5. Be Honest To Others and Yourself

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